The Pixie Pop story is all about keeping memories alive: those faces, places, feelings and iconic stories that make a life.

Why film?

Our repeat-use, consciously-designed cameras are reviving the love and accessibility of film in a ‘fast photography’ era. Slow consumption and meaningful moments guide our brand, and it’s crucial that everyone can learn how to use our products in a matter of minutes. We’re a small team founded in Melbourne and now sunning ourselves in the Gold Coast. Our belief is that shooting film doesn’t need to be something exclusive, difficult or expensive — it can be a thoughtful gift and a fun way to collect memories.

Our Best Sellers


Develop your film in 3 easy steps

Develop your film in 3 easy steps. It's simple, trust us. These 3 steps will have your photos ready for the gram in no time!
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Shoot film like a pro

Step up your photography game with these 3 tips to get the best results from your Reloader.
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How to load your Reloader

Sometimes the best way to explain things in life is just to show you!
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